Website Integration Options

No matter how big (or small) your organization is you need to keep up with the times, but when it comes to technology, that can be challenging and costly. Fundly CRM offers three different ways to connect your website to the Fundly CRM system. Why is that important? The benefits of integrating your website with your back-end NPE system allows you to:

  • Save time and minimize errors by reducing data entry.
  • Cut overhead by selling event tickets and offering online membership registration or renewal.
  • Keep constituents’ records updated by integrating online profiles. This allows constituents to maintain, update and add to their contact records, freeing your organization from the worries and hassles of outdated data.
  • Allow your volunteers to sign up for activities, manage their schedules and log hours – all online!

The list does not end there and really depends on your organization’s appetite for automation and for leveraging technology. At Fundly we are all about building opportunity for our customers so we provide you the tools to enable your organization to have a larger-than-life presence on the web and make it easy for your constituents to interact with you.

Please Note: APIs are complex and will require that your organization have the technical expertise to utilize them, so feel free to request to see the APIs prior to finalizing your purchase. WordPress plugins are available for purchase.

Customer Love

“Fundly CRM is a masterpiece of software engineering.” Craig Sincock, Founder, Fredericksburg ALANO Society

Wordpress Plugins

NPE also provides optional WordPress plugins for purchase. These plugins can be easily installed on your current website and are fully configurable to match your website’s look and feel.

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