This is where Fundly CRM can help you take customization and efficiency to a new level! With just a few click, this Fundly CRM feature will help you launch donation campaigns, generic donation pages, and an event calendar with ticketing and registration. Best of all pages works on any device. Your constituents can now buy tickets or send you a gift right from their smart phone or tablet.

  • Match the look and feel of your website with the Designer Tool
  • Create stunning donation campaign pages or quickly launch a general purpose donation page with just a click
  • With one click, launch a complete event registration and ticketing page
  • Through personal profiles, give your constituents access to their records, purchase and donation history as well as update and maintain their personal information and relationships
  • Allow constituents to process transactions in one visit with the Shopping Cart feature
  • Automate donation acknowledgements
  • Receive automatic notification when transactions take place or constituent records are updated
  • Add optional Membership module to allow members to manage and update their status online

PAGES Pricing

  • Unlimited campaign pages
  • Event registration and ticketing
  • Shopping cart for single checkout
  • Online profiles
  • No subscription fee!
  • Fundraising: 1% transaction fee
  • Events: $1.00 per paid ticket