For the nonprofit community that utilizes memberships as an important aspect to their fundraising, FundlyCRM's Membership Management Module incorporates the critical components of some of the best membership management software on the market today – and it’s a standard module within the NPE system at most subscription levels. The Membership Management Module provides real-time access to member information, including membership level, benefits received and member history. In addition, Fundly CRM provides the ability to send out renewal notifications, establish pricing categories and set membership types. Take your membership management to an entirely new level.

Notable Features

Offer member benefits such as t-shirts, mugs or event tickets. Configure the type of benefit, quantity, size and color.

Track whether members have received their benefit, including tickets (no discount codes needed).

Offer group or single memberships.

Additional Membership Features

  • View dashboard.
  • Designate members-only pricing in Pages shopping cart - no special setting required. 
  • Automate renewals and renewal notices.
  • Customize renewal reminders and increase urgency as renewal date nears.
  • Set pricing levels and currency.
  • Configure membership directory in Pages.
  • Approve or reject membership requests received through Pages.
  • Customize registration forms.
  • Gift memberships and renewals.
  • Upgrade/downgrade memberships.
  • Create recurring memberships.


  • Generate membership numbers manually or automatically, define strings.

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