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Fundly -Connect

Quickly becomming one of the most popular online volunteer management tools, Fundly Connect simplifies the process of connecting people with volunteer opportunities and helping nonprofits manage those vital relationships.


Fundly Connect makes it simple and FREE to search for all kinds of ways you can help your community. It just takes a few minutes to register and you’re on your way to making your world a better place!

It’s easy to register for Fundly Connect. Provide some basic information and in just a few minutes you can begin using Fundly Connect – one of the friendliest volunteer sites on the web!


Fundly Connect offers a level of FREE access to all nonprofit organizations to post current volunteer opportunities and respond to applicants. If you need a full-service solution to managing volunteers, go for our Premium Access option.

What’s Premium Access?
Premium Access allows you to schedule recurring opportunities, create application forms, approve volunteers and communicate with volunteers all in one application.


Volunteer Action Centers around the country are forging critical alliances between organizations and their communities. Fundly Connect is a solution that can simplify the process of volunteer management from recruiting to scheduling, reporting and communication. It's a simple system that links people with local volunteer opportunities.

This is not just a recruiting program, it’s a more efficient volunteer outreach and management system!

  1. Recruit volunteers within one simple cloud-based solution
  2. Customizable templates make is easy to create your recruiting site
  3. Establish skill sets, age ranges served, primary activity types and issue areas
  4. Schedule events and programs through online calendar
  5. Easy-to-read dashboard puts important information at your fingertips

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